Safeguarding Policy

    Bubbles Swim School provides swimming lessons for children aged five and above.   Bubbles Swim School is committed to provide swimming lessons in an environment whereby all children have a safe and positive experience.

    Bubbles Swim School is an affiliated member of the Swim England Swim School Scheme.  Bubbles Swim School is committed to implementing the Swim England Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures (Wavepower 2020-23)

    Wavepower 2020-23 | Child safeguarding for Swim England clubs (

    In order to achieve this, Bubbles Swim School agrees to:

    1. Adopt and implement the policies and procedures in Wavepower (2020-23).

    2. Recognise that all children participating in lessons at Bubbles Swim School (regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability or disability) have a right to enjoy their involvement in aquatics in a safe environment and be protected from harm.

    3. Ensure that all individuals who work with children at Bubbles Swim School, whether paid or voluntary, provide a positive, safe and enjoyable experience.

    4. Ensure that all individuals who work with children at Bubbles Swim School have had the relevant DBS checks and understand the practices for safeguarding children as outlined in Wavepower.

    5. Provide all members of Bubbles Swim School and parents of children attending lessons the opportunity to raise concerns in a safe and confidential manner if they have a concern about a child’s welfare.

    6. Ensure that all child safeguarding matters, whether they be concerns about child welfare or protection, are dealt with appropriately in accordance with the guidance for reporting and action in Wavepower.

    7. Ensure that confidentiality is maintained appropriately and in line with the best interests of the child.

    8. Appoint a Welfare Officer who will be responsible for dealing with any safeguarding matters raised within Bubbles Swim School.  All staff and parents will be made aware of who the Welfare Officer is.

    9. Ensure all information relating to child safeguarding matters are stored in a safe and secure area.

    10. Ensure all members of staff at Bubbles Swim School understand the safeguarding responsibilities contained in Swim England’s Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics Swim England Handbook | Your full guide to Swim England rules (

    11. Review our policy on a yearly basis.

    Promoting Good Practice

    In addition to following Wavepower Bubbles Swim School staff are committed to:

    • Treating children/young people equally and with respect and dignity.
    • Always putting the welfare of the child/young person first.
    • Giving positive and constructive feedback.
    • Being an excellent role model for children and young people to follow.
    • Always working in an open environment and avoiding private or unobserved situations.
    • Making sport fun, enjoyable and promoting fair play.
    • Recording details of any injury that occurs, together with details of any treatment given.

    If there are any concerns relating to the welfare of a child, contact the Welfare Officer, Alison Woods at