Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I still attend my lesson if I am running late?


    Can I take photos of my child's lesson?
    Sorry, no photography or filming of the pool area or changing room is permitted at any time.
    How long do lessons last?

    All lessons are half an hour.

    Should I notify the teacher of any medical condition my child has?

    Please make us aware of any medical conditions or notes so your child’s account can be updated.  You can email us with any changes or updates.  This will then show on the teacher’s tablet.

    If you do not have an immediate space, is there a waiting list?

    Yes, we have a waiting list, please email us and we can add you to our swimming database.

    If my lesson is cancelled will I be charged?

    No, we do not charge if we have to cancel a lesson it will be added onto the existing term.

    Should I bring my child swimming if they are unwell?

    No, if your child is unwell we kindly ask that you do not bring them to their swimming lesson.  If they have suffered sickness/diarrhoea within the last 48 hours prior to their lesson, we ask that they do not attend.  Additionally, if they have sustained an injury or needed any medical attention on the day of the scheduled lesson, we would ask them not to attend. 

    Is the pool warm?

    Yes, Keech hydrotherapy pool is heated to 35 degrees, which is lovely and warm for a swimming lesson.

    What is the dress code and rules on pool hygiene?
    • Swimmers should wear appropriate fitting costumes/trunks or shorts specifically designed for swimming. Baggy costumes or trunks can impede movement through the water.
    • No jewellery should be worn. Religious or medical bracelets are permitted.
    • All long hair should be tied back.  Swimming hats (provided by Bubbles Swim School) should be worn for the duration of the lesson as these protect hair from chlorine as well as preventing hair from entering the pool filtration system.  If your child is allergic to Latex, we are happy for you to provide your own swim hat.

    • All swimmers should shower before their lesson.

    Does my child need to bring swimming goggles?

    Goggles are optional, however please can we ask that they are adjusted to fit before the lesson, as this can consume valuable teaching time.

    How many swimmers will be in a class?

    We have a maximum of six swimmers per class.

    How many weeks does a term last?

    We run a rolling ten week term.

    Do you offer taster sessions?

    Unfortunately it is too disruptive to current swimmers but we do offer a quick assessment if needed to ensure your child is placed in the right class.

    I am an adult and have never swum before. Do your offer adult classes?

    Yes, we offer beginner and improver classes – take a look on our adult classes page for more information. 

    Is there parking and changing rooms?

    Keech has onsite parking. Changing rooms are available and showers on poolside for a pre swim shower.